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Fibreglass Mesh Patio Screen Doors in Greenwood

Patio door screens are extremely convenient, especially in the summertime. They let the fresh air come inside while keeping out the pesky bugs. But eventually, these screens need wearing out. Whether someone accidentally walked through the screen without seeing it, you have a cat that claws it when they want to come in, or they’re just getting old, the screen will need replacing. 


Future Glass & Mirror in Greenwood provides quick and reliable screen replacement. We offer fibreglass mesh screens, which is a strong and durable material for screen doors. When you need to replace your patio screen, just bring us your frame and we’ll put a new mesh on it!  

What Are the Benefits of Fibreglass Mesh?

Fibreglass has a range of uses, one of them being screen mesh. It’s tough to dent, which makes it a common choice to secure windows and doors against insects while allowing the breeze to come in. 

Other benefits include:

  • Can withstand extreme temperatures

  • Durable and hard to damage

  • Very affordable

  • Long-lasting

  • Not susceptible to rotting or UV degradation

  • Highly energy efficient

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We Are the Future of Glass Services

Future Glass & Mirror is available to help you with all your glass and window needs. Give us a call today to learn more!

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